SEM Buying Guide – 10 Points to Consider when Evaluating a new SEM

Our SEM Buying Guide article provides advice on the most important topics to consider when evaluating SEM systems so that you can determine what factors are truly important for your workflow. The market for tabletop and full-size Scanning Electron Microscopes has increased considerably as they have become more powerful and easier to use [...]

SEM Buying Guide – 10 Points to Consider when Evaluating a new SEM2019-04-11T12:06:51-08:00

Generic Bid Specification for SEM

Are you with a Government Agency or Academic Institution that must acquire instrumentation using a Public or Invited Bid Process?  We have witnessed much frustration by customers trying to develop a set of bid specifications that allow them to get an adequate solution for their research while at the same time, presenting requirements [...]

Generic Bid Specification for SEM2018-03-15T15:43:54-08:00

Korean DIY SEM Competition

For the third year, COXEM Co., Ltd. has sponsored the DIY SEM competition that takes place among students at the Korean Institute of Microscopy.  The competition is also sponsored by the Korean Society for Electron Microscopy.  Coxem's CEO, Dr. Jun Hee Lee participates with the students as a mentor and is often intrigued by [...]

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