Scanning Electron Microscopes and Sample Preparation Tools

EM-30 Series Tabletop Scanning Electron Microscopes




Tabletop and Full-Size SEM systems with EDS from industry leading suppliers like Oxford Instruments and Bruker Nano

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Vacuum Sputter and Carbon Coating systems



for SEM

Low and High Vacuum Sputter and Carbon Coaters, Advanced multi-source Sputter and Thermal Evaporation Coating Systems

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Desktop Thermal Evaporator

Thin Film



High Vacuum multiple source Thermal Evaporation and Sputter Coating Systems for Thin Film Deposition Research

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Laser Micro Machining for FIB Workflow APT TEM XRM sample preparation


for FIB Workflows


Laser Micro-Machining for FIB sample preparation for Electron Microscopy, Atom Probe Tomography and X-Ray Microscopy

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CP-8000 Ion Mill Cross Section Polisher for Scanning Electron Microscopes

Ion Mill

Cross Section


Cross Section Polisher prepares samples for cross section analysis utilizing an Argon Ion Mill for superior imaging results

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Electron Microscopes are fantastic tools used in the development and quality control of almost every product of everyday life, especially higher technology products that utilize nanotechnology developments and advanced manufacturing techniques.  element Pi is the distributor for COXEM Co, Ltd. of  South Korea supporting customers in both North and South America with offices and product demonstration lab located near Portland, Oregon. We currently distribute the COXEM Series of Tabletop and Full-Size SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopes) along with a variety of accessories for microscopy sample preparation.

COXEM Distribution acquired by JH Technologies

As result of 4 years of consistent growth after introducing the COXEM products to the USA, our company needed to grow to best address the needs of our customers.  Merging with another company in a similar arena of products was a logical and quick means to that end.  [...]

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What We Do

element Pi, LLC is the distributor for COXEM Co, Ltd. of  South Korea supporting customers in both North and South America with a main office and product demonstration lab located near Portland, Oregon. We distribute the COXEM Series of Tabletop and Full-Size SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopes) along with a variety of accessories such as Sputter Coaters, Ion Mill Polishers, a Laser Micro-Machining sample preparation tool, Plasma Cleaners, Vibration Isolation solutions, microscopy software and more.

Scanning Electron Microscopes

We are proud to offer these exceptional products that have a superior price-to-performance ratio compared to similar SEM systems on the market.  We are confident that after making an in-depth comparison, you will come to the same conclusion.

The EM-30 Series of Tabletop SEM offers a solution that cannot be matched at the same price by any other Desktop or Tabletop SEM on the market.  Even more advanced and powerful solutions were introduced in 2019 and more will follow in 2020 and beyond.

The PRICE of the CX-200plus full-size SEM is sure to surprise you and with its robustness and ease-of-use, and its compact size.  Many customers think they must go to a tabletop SEM in order to get ease-of-use and something that will fit into a cramped lab space.  The CX-200plus is almost the same footprint as a tabletop SEM, only placed on the floor instead of a benchtop or table.  You may find yourself placing them right on your factory floor close to production lines for fast, easy high magnification imaging, elemental micro-analysis or automated particle analysis.

Both the new EM-30 NEXT and the CX-200plus are also available with Automated Particle and Feature Analysis capabilities using ASTM and ISO compliant analytical workflows for Steel, Gunshot Residue (GSR), Technical Cleanliness, Equipment Monitoring, Automotive, Aerospace, Mining, Geology and Pharmaceutical applications including Large Area Mapping

A NEW STEM option for Tabletop SEM was introduced spring of 2019.  STEM is Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy. With the 30kV beam energy of the EM-30 NEXT, this new STEM option promises to allow users of Tabletop Scanning Electron Microscopes to utilize the microscope for many types of TEM or Transmission Electron Microscope analysis of nanoparticles and standard tissue sections.  The STEM option promises to be a great teaching tool for Life Science educators as well as a pre-screening tool for high throughput TEM laboratories, possibly even replacing some tests with lower requirements given the low entry price for this combination of analytical capabilities.

Vacuum Coating Systems

We offer a variety of vacuum coaters from the entry level SPT-20 Sputter Coater from Coxem and a more advanced line under our own brand that included low and high vacuum sputterand carbon coaters for Electron Microscopy, to a variety of advanced coating systems that utilized multiple sputter targets and thermal evaporation and pulsed laser deposition.

microPREP™ for FIB Workflows

As representatives for 3D-MicroMac of Germany, we offer the microPREP system which is a fully automated Laser Micro-Machining system that greatly improves the efficiency of FIB workflows when creating samples for TEM, SEM, APT (Atom Probe Tomogrpaphy), XRM (x-Ray Microscopy) and other more.

Ion Milling and Cross Section Polishing

Our CP-8000 presents a sample preparation solution at an affordable price compared to other manufacturer solutions in the $100,000 range and above.  Ion Milling preparation of cross sectioned samples has yet to realize its full potential in the microscopy market due to the previous high cost of  this type equipment.  There is no better surface finish than the atomic level polish produced by an Ion Mill.

Plasma Cleaners for Decontamination of Electron Microscope Chambers

We are the after-market distributor for the Vacuum Sciences PM-100 Plasma Cleaner which efficiently removes organic and hydrocarbon contamination for both samples and entire electron microscope chambers.  It is also finding applications for cleaning other vacuum chambers and in mass spectroscopy.

So why Pi in our company name you might be wondering?  Pi is the most recognized mathematical constant and often considered the most intriguing and important number in all of mathematics.  So in the spirit of Pi, we offer products that will continue to intrigue you as new developments are reached and our goal is to make our products become an important asset to your research and microscopy effort.  However, while Pi is an irrational number like its cousins “e” and “√2” that like to go on forever, we will offer nothing but rational explanations and advice when it comes to selecting the best product solution.  Through your use of our products, we promise that “Pi” will come to mean “Precision Imaging” that you can count on.

We would treasure your comments about how we could make our website better with more useful information to assist with your search for Microscopy solutions. Take a minute and enjoy the Pi FACTS we have collected and presented on our Company – About Us page.