Pulsed Laser Deposition and Thermal Evaporation Coater – PLD

Desktop Thermal Evaporation Coater DTT

Our PLD Pulsed Laser Deposition system with optional Thermal Evaporation Coater provides materials research scientists a highly flexible tool for producing thin film specimens in a wide variety of formats. It can deposit complex materials and crystalline structures onto substrates with very little setup involved. The Pulsed Laser Deposition technique leads to efficient, non-thermal ablation and preserves the stoichiometry of the target materials. By applying this method it possible to deposit materials such as nitrides, oxides, super lattices, polymers, and composites.

With a dual pumping system consisting of an external vacuum pump (included) and a directly attached TMP (turbo molecular pump), the PLD Pulsed Laser Deposition system can achieve vacuum in the micro-Torr range allowing very fine grain thin films to be applied to a multitude of substrates.  Uniform thin films with superior fine-grain sizes are formed in a fast cycle time suitable for advanced materials research and high magnification scanning electron microscopy.

The PLD system is equipped with a large chamber (300 mm diameter) and three (3) source holders with motorized target selection. The laser source is not included and sits external to the chamber and utilizes the chamber windows for laser access to the source targets. For increasing film adhesion to the substrate and to improve the film structures, an optional heater allows substrate heating up to 500°C.  A mass flow controlled (MFC) gas input allows precise gas flow control and chamber pressure.


Standard Features