High Vacuum Multiple Source Sputter Coaters 

DST3 Triple Source Sputter Coater and Thermal Evaporation

Our desktop Multiple Source Sputter Coaters provide materials research scientists a highly flexible tool for producing thin film specimens in a wide variety of formats with its Triple Sputtering source or optional Thermal Evaporation module.  Sputtering can occur sequentially or simultaneously from multiple heads to either create thin film alloys or to coat large areas more effectively.  The magnetron cathodes are water cooled to allow long coating times for thicker films than traditional compact sputter coaters will allow.   A variety of models are available to choose from that can be configured for a multitude of operations:

  • DST3-A:  Sputter Only – Angled Cathodes
  • DST3-S:   Sputter Only – Straight Cathodes
  • DST3-TA:  Sputter + Thermal Evaporation – Angled Cathodes
  • DST3-TS:  Sputter + Thermal Evaporation – Straight Cathodes
  • DST2-A:  lower priced 2 head sputter only system

With a dual pumping system consisting of an external vacuum pump (included) and a directly attached TMP (turbo molecular pump), the DST3 Series achieve vacuum in the micro-Torr range allowing very fine grain thin films to be applied to a multitude of substrates.  Uniform thin films with superior fine-grain sizes are formed in a fast cycle time suitable for advanced materials research and high magnification scanning electron microscopy.

The DST3 systems are equipped with a large chamber (300 mm diameter) and three 2” diameter water-cooled cathodes making it suitable for long time deposition. The system can be equipped with RF and DC power supplies. It can sputter semiconductors, dielectrics and metal (oxidizing & noble) targets. The system is equipped with an auto adjustable matching box, minimizing the reflected power in the RF sputtering process. For increasing film adhesion to the substrate and to improve the film structures, a 300 V, DC bias voltage can be applied to the substrate (optional) or an optional heater allows substrate heating up to 500°C.  Two mass flow controlled (MFC) gas inputs allow precise gas flow control into the chamber.

The DST3-T systems include a Thermal Evaporation capability to supplement the sputtering process, providing further flexibility in the coating process.


Typical Applications and Research Use

    • Metal, Semiconductor and Dielectric Films
    • Nano & Microelectronics
    • Solar cell applications
    • Co-Sputtering processes
    • Optical components coating
    • SEM & FE-SEM sample preparation
    • GLAD sputtering (glancing angle deposition)
    • Computer memory applications
    • Thin film sensors
    • Magnetic thin film devices
    • Fine grain structural deposition

Standard Features

  • Sputtering and Thermal Evaporation (T models) process in a compact system
  • Three 2” water-cooled, magnetron cathodes
  • Equipped with DC and RF power supplies suitable for producing alloy films (DST3-TA) and multilayer deposition
  • Thermal Source (optional – T models)
  • Unlimited deposition time without breaking vacuum
  • 500 °C substrate heater (optional)
  • 300 V DC substrate bias voltages (optional)
  • Two-stage, direct drive rotary vane roughing pump or optional dry pumps
  • Turbo Molecular Pump (90 L/sec Leybold)
  • Two Precision Mass Flow meters (MFC) for fine control of the vacuum
  • Two High precision quartz crystal thickness monitors
  • Intuitive touch screen to control the coating process
  • User friendly software that can be updated by the user
  • Control coating rate to achieve finer grain structures
  • Manual or automatic Timed and Thickness sputtering
  • Optional electronic controlled shutter on each sputter source
  • Electronic control of gas purge and vent
  • Easy to Change 2″ (50mm) diameter sputter targets
  • Easy-to-change specimen stages (rotation stage is standard)
  • 2-year Factory Warranty

Functional Ease-of-Use Features

Touch Screen Controls 

All coaters come equipped with a 7” touch screen and fully automatic control allowing easy operation even by inexperienced users. The vacuum, current and deposition information can be observed as digital data or curves on the touch screen. Information of the last 300 coatings is also saved in the history page.

Straight or Angled Cathodes for Sputter Targets

DST3 internal components

Angled Cathodes:

The DST3-A and DST3-TA are equipped with three angled cathodes with a common focal point. Sputtering is possible from two or three (optional) targets simultaneously or independently to form alloys or multi-layer deposition respectively. The maximum size of substrates in this model can be up to 75mm (3 inches).

DST3 internal components

Straight Cathodes:

The DST3-S and DST3-TS use three straight 2 inch water cooled cathodes that are suitable for sputtering a single large specimen with diameter up to 200mm (8 inches) or several smaller specimens.

Sample Holders

The DST3 and DST2 models can be equipped with different sample stage configurations depending on the user requirements. The standard sample stage holds a glass slide or wafers up to 100mm with clips with adjustable height or angle.

Customized sample holder can easily be adapted.  The DST3-S version can be used with even larger substrates such as a 150mm wafer.  The holder can be exchanged easily with other holders when requirements change.

DST3 internal components

Plasma Cleaner option

The DST3 can be equipped with a plasma cleaner option. Plasma cleaning is a process of removing organic matter from the surface of substrates through the use of an ionized gas or plasma. Pre-Cleaning the substrate prior to the deposition of films reduces contamination (Carbon based, Oxides) from the substrate surface and improves the adhesion between the substrate and the subsequent film layers.

Plasma Cleaner for DST3 Sputter Coater

Specifications for DST3 Series Desktop Coating Systems

Sputter Materials All Metals and most Oxides All Metals and most Oxides
Evaporation N/A included
Vacuum 0.5 x E-6 Torr 0.5 x E-6 Torr
Target Size Φ50mm Φ50mm
Chamber Size 300mm 300mm
Sputter Current 0 to 100 mA 0 to 100 mA
Evaporation Power N/A 0-1200V, 0-500mA
System Power Supply 300W DC 300W DC
Process Gas Ar, O, N Ar, O, N
Tilt-Rotate Stage Standard Standard
Thickness Monitor Standard (2) Standard (2)
Input Power 220V - 1 phase 220V - 1 phase
Coater Dimensions (mm) 500(W)x600(D)x570(H) 500(W)x600(D)x570(H)
Rack Dimensions (mm) 500(W)x600(D)x770(H) 500(W)x600(D)x770(H)
Shipping Weight 160 kg 160 kg