Desktop Thermal Evaporation Coater – DTT

Desktop Thermal Evaporation Coater DTT

Our DTT Desktop Thermal Evaporation Coater provides materials research scientists a highly flexible tool for producing thin film specimens in a wide variety of formats with triple source Thermal Evaporation using a variety of holders (boats, baskets, coils) for the coating materials.

With a dual pumping system consisting of an external vacuum pump (included) and a directly attached TMP (turbo molecular pump), the DTT Thermal Evaporator can achieve vacuum in the micro-Torr range allowing very fine grain thin films to be applied to a multitude of substrates.  Uniform thin film deposition with superior fine-grain sizes are formed in a fast cycle time suitable for advanced materials research and high magnification scanning electron microscopy.

The DTT system is equipped with a large chamber (300 mm diameter) with a vareity of chamber height options (250 to 500mm). Three (3) evaporation source holders allow either sequential coatings or simultaneous coating of alloyed materials. For increasing film adhesion to the substrate and to improve the film structures, an optional heater allows substrate heating up to 500°C.  Substrate cooling is also optional.  While evaporated coatings are usually very uniform, a rotating substrate or sample holder is available as an option. An mass flow controlled (MFC) gas input allows precise gas flow control and chamber pressure.


Typical Applications and Research Use

    • Metal and Dielectric Films