SEM Software

The video below represents some of the capabilities with the software used to operate the EM-30 and CX-200 SEM systems.  Please re-visit this page as we will continue adding new clips as additional features are added.  This video does not depict the most current capabilities and is intended to provide an example of how the SEM software functions.

NOTE regarding this video:

This video was captured using an older version of software and SEM imaging electronics.  It is provided for operational and training purposes.  It does NOT  represent how the present SEM products operate. You may notice the grainy image due to lower signal to noise old the older electronics.  Current DSP electronics used in our system produce a much better signal to noise and also faster scan rates than shown.  In the section explaining adjustment of brightness and contrast, this is now done much faster and easier using the AUTO button which produces a perfectly adjusted image.  We suggest having a demonstration on the SEM to get a better feeling of how the current software operates.