Scanning Electron Microscopes Images

We have compiled a few EXAMPLE IMAGES on this page for your review.  We encourage you to visit our supplier’s dedicated APPLICATIONS website via the button below for examples and applications throughout many industries and fields of research.


Likewise, please CONTACT US to request a copy of the 24 page Application Note brochures shown below or click to download a PDF.  Note I covers images collected in a variety of research fields similar to the applications website above, while Note II covers 12 different topics on the effects of different variables in Scanning Electron Microscope use.

Tabletop SEM Applications
Tabletop SEM Applications

20 Example Images – Thank you for your patience during loading

Our technical staff is happy to advise you and demonstrate the suitability of SEM to address the needs of your analytical requirements and sample types.  We can also arrange a demonstration of the SEM using your own samples – CONTACT US for more details.