Know a colleague or another company that is searching for a new SEM solution?  Provide them a gift of $500 credit for Consumable Supplies at Rave Scientific or your favorite microscopy consumable supplier just by suggesting they investigate the SEM products at Element Pi.  If they contact us and mention they were referred by you, then we will provide them with the credit voucher as a gift in your honor.  It’s that simple.

To get the full value of the credit, your referral must purchase an SEM from Element Pi.  Even if they don’t buy our system, we will provide them a $100 Gift Credit in your honor with a personalized note from you – “welcome to the world of Electron Microscopy” perhaps?  By providing your referral, we will match your gift with a duplicate credit either to you or to any other deserving entity you specify – perhaps your Alma Mater?

Simply Contact Us to provide the referral and we will validate it and denote your referral in our records.  Then have ask your referral to mention you when they contact us via Phone, Email or through our Request Quote or Inquiry forms.  Please Contact Us for more details or questions.