SEM-EDS Training Seminars

In addition to training provided with your SEM, additional training options are available. With the purchase of any SEM from Element Pi, customers are provided with an opportunity to visit our lab for additional advanced training up to 2-3 days AT NO COST using the same type of equipment as they have purchased.   Travel cost is the responsibility of the customer and the lab can easily allow up to 3-4 persons comfortably.

Element Pi offers our background and knowledge to customize training for our customers and other SEM users if needed.  Our lab houses 2 new SEM-EDS systems along with a variety of sample prep equipment.

Our background in SEM-EDS and Materials Science covers:

  • Advanced SEM imaging requirement
  • EDS Micro-Analytical testing of sample composition
    • extensive background in x-ray spectroscopy
  • Metrology of micro features
  • Mineralogy
  • Automated Particle Analysis
  • Sample Preparation techniques

Our lab includes modern HD video camera that is remotely controllable.  Using our ZOOM web conferencing, this allows you as the customers to either observe our analysis effort in real-time or for us to either observe or control your SEM remotely, thus allowing you to get training without leaving your office.

Contact Us to discuss how we can customize a training program to suit the needs of your technicians and SEM operators.

SEM-EDS Contract Sample Testing
SEM-EDS Contract Sample Analysis

Available Tools

  • EM-30AXN Tabletop SEM-EDS
    • recommended sample size:  35mm maximum
    • Oxford AZtecLiveOne EDS – 30mm2
    • STEM detector for TEM prepared samples
  • CX-200plus Full Size SEM-EDS
    • recommended sample size:  60mm maximum
    • Bruker XFlash 630 EDS with Esprit Compact software
    • Oxford Ultimax 40mm2 with AZtecLiveLite
    • PM100 Plasma Cleaner
  • Sample Preparation Tools:
    • SPT-20 Sputter Coater (flat samples)
    • DSR Sputter Coater (3D samples)
    • DCR Carbon Coater
    • CP-8000 Argon Ion Mill Cross Section Polisher
SEM software GUI
Oxford EDS AZtecLiveOne GUI