Element Pi is now offering SEM Analysis on a contract basis for customers needing extra SEM capacity or that do not yet own an SEM.

The Element Pi demonstration lab houses 2 new SEM-EDS systems available for contracted analytical service work at very affordable rates.  The acquisition and ownership cost of an SEM or SEM/EDS system can be a challenge to justify for some researchers or manufacturers but the information provided is valuable and often necessary.

Our lab is available to assist you on a contract basis.  Our unique attraction is that your service fees can be credited towards a future purchase of one of our SEM or SEM-EDS systems.  Your “credit” will accumulate at a rate of 50% of paid amounts.  This provides an attractive means to justify your requirements or prove a new analytical procedure is worth implementing.

Customers use our SEM lab for a variety of purposes:

  • Occasional SEM imaging needs
  • EDS Micro-Analytical testing of sample composition
  • Metrology of micro features
  • As a referee for an existing SEM tool
  • To address lack of capacity in your existing lab
  • Expert witness requirements

How we operate / How you are involved:

While we welcome projects where samples are sent to us, analyzed and reports provided — we are also unique in that we INVITE YOU TO OPERATE THE SEM or work on the system “virtually” through the web.

Our SEM systems are entry-level and therefore very easy to operate and learn to use.  After a quick training session, you are free to operate the SEM with our assistance as needed at a more economical cost.  You can “Rent Access” in this manner to a state-of-the-art, modern SEM-EDS system.

Our lab includes modern HD video camera that is remotely controllable.  Using our ZOOM web conferencing, this allows you as the customers to either observe our analysis effort in real-time to guide us what exactly you want imaged but also gives you the ability to operate the SEM remotely should you wish.  Our hands-on is still needed for sample loading of course.

Visit the SEM-EDS Sample Analysis Services page for more details.