Making Better SEM Buying Decisions - A Guide to Selecting an SEM

Our SEM Buying Guide article provides advice on the most important topics to consider when evaluating SEM systems so that you can determine what factors are truly important for your workflow.

The market for tabletop and full-size Scanning Electron Microscopes has increased considerably as they have become more powerful and easier to use especially for new users. For a prospective buyer, the landscape of current offerings can be difficult to ascertain what features are important.

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Topics Covered Include:

  1. Who’s Going to Use it
  2. Where will you need to Use it
  3. Do You Need Elemental Analysis
  4. What Accelerating Voltage Best Suits Your Application
  5. Which Imaging Capabilities Do You Need
  6. What About Magnification and Resolution
  7. How Intuitive and Complete Are the Operating System and Software
  8. Specimen Manipulation (Stages)
  9. What About Service
  10. What’s the Projected Growth Path for Your Lab

As with all microscopy, the key to success is to match the instrument to the application. The question is invariably, “How good is good enough?” The current generation of advanced tabletop and entry-level full-size SEMs now provide much of the same functionality that was seen only in expensive floor model SEMs a few short years ago, but now in robust, easy-to-train and easy-to-use formats, and, at great prices.

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