Tabletop SEM – EM-30 Series Scanning Electron Microscopes

Our SEM Buying Guide can help reveal the most important factors that will guide you in your search for a Tabletop SEM.

The EM-30 Series SEM with EDS Elemental X-Ray Micro-Analysis

EM-30 Series with EDS

The EM-30 Series is a high-resolution Tabletop Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) with specifications and capabilities not matched by any other SEM in its price range. After evaluating the EM-30 Series your search will be over to find the best compact SEM available.  The EM-30 Series can be combined with integrated EDS elemental micro-analysis from any of the major EDS (EDX) suppliers.

The EM-30 Series is offered in 3 different models (see table below for more specific configuration information):

  • EM-30T – a lower priced and less featured SEM for high vacuum analysis
  • EM-30N – with integrated NavCam, Low Vac mode and NEW DSP Imaging Electronics
  • EM-30C – same as the EM-30N but with Cerium Hexaboride filament (CeB6 or CeBix)