CX-200plus full-size SEM with automated 5-axis XYZRT stage

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CX-200plus full-size SEM

High Resolution console style SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope)

The CX-200plus is a full-size floor model Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) that both new and experienced users will find suitable for many type of demanding research and quality control requirements.  The standard supplied configuration of the CX-200plus includes both SE and BSE imaging detectors as well as an internal chamber view camera for easy stage tilt and height adjustments. The CX-200plus offers high resolution imaging capabilities at a very attractive price. After evaluating the CX-200plus, your search for the most cost effective solution will be an easy decision.

The CX-200plus is available with numerous analytical options for EDS and WDS elemental micro-analysis; EBSD micro-structure crystalline analysis;  and CL (cathodoluminescence) internal structure analysis.  Automated analysis capabilities for features and particles are available through our EDS partners.

The CX-200plus provides a unique “Panorama” mode that allows the SEM to collect high resolution images of large samples by controlling the motorized stage at higher magnification and automatically collect large images from several to thousands of tiled images.  This capability if very useful for applications such as detailed examination or metrology of semiconductors and electronic assemblies as well as producing images that can be printed in poster or wall sizes with high definition.

Optional Analytical Detectors:
EDS and WDS Elemental Analysis – EBSD – Cathodoluminescence (CL) 

Optional Accessories:
Sample Holders – Cooling Stage – Plasma Cleaning – Anti-Vibration platform


Imaging Capabilities

3 nm




1 – 30 kV

Beam Energy

5 Axis XYZRT

Sample Positioning

10 Ports


SE (Secondary Electron) and BSE (Backscatter Electron) Imaging

Capture images with Surface and Topographic details (SE) or Atomic Weight contrast (BSE)


Functional Ease-of-Use Features


The NanoStation 4.0 software offers the novice user a simple and clean interface free of clutter while the more advanced user can easily access features allowing further control of the microscope functions. With the intuitive software, users are able to view and save images quickly and easily with great detail.

In the lower left corner, either the standard chamber view camera view or sample holder schematic is displayed. In the upper left corner of the interface, the Mini Map is an image collected at the lowest magnification desired for the field of view or area of interest.  As the user navigates to other location on the sample and at higher magnifications, the location of the current field of view is indicated on the Mini Map (yellow rectangle).

All of the “slider” controls can be easily adjusted by using a variety of techniques – dragging the indicator, using the mouse scroll wheel, a +/- button, the keyboard or the “auto” feature.

In addition to keyboard shortcuts preferred by advanced users for some functions like focus, the software gives easy access to all microscope and imaging adjustments via mouse click or mouse scroll wheel.  All of the various functional control groups are logically organized on the software interface with less common settings located out of view on secondary windows.

NanoStation Software User Interface for EM-30 Tabletop SEM
NanoStation Software Interface for EM-30 Tabletop SEM


The CX-200plus SEM arrive standard with a CCD Chamber Camera included.  The SEM chamber offers 10 Accessory Ports.  Some of these are used for standard components such as imaging detectors and chamber camera.  Other ports are specifically located for EDS and EBSD while others can be used for accessories such as our STEM detector, Cooling stage, or other customized functions. The chamber allows samples as large as 160mm with reduced stage movement.

CX-200plus full-size SEM port layout


The CX-200plus SEM is delivered with a standard 5-axis stage with automated “click and move” XYZRT sample positioning for the ultimate in flexibility. Control of the 5 directions is done thru the software interface and utilizes the sample dimensions to prevent collisions with internal chamber accessories.

The Tilt function is extremely useful for examining topography of flat samples.  The Tilt function is compucentric such that the X axis is adjusted during tilt to maintain the specimen region of interest (ROI) in the field of view. The compucentric tilt function provides more versatility and time savings with its easier use especially for inexperienced users.

The automatic controlled stage also enables the CX-200plus to offer a unique “Panorama” mode that allows the SEM to collect high resolution images of large samples by controlling the motorized stage at higher magnifications.  Very useful for applications such as details examination or metrology of semiconductors and electronic assemblies.

The stage is able to handle large samples (up to 160mm) or sample holders for multiple samples.  The observable area is 110mm.

CX-200plus full-size SEM 5-Axis XYZRT Automatic Stage


Image Metrology or Measurements are extremely flexible and accurate with the CX-200 series of SEM.  Extensive calibration is factory performed at multiple magnifications, working distances, beam energies and more that results in measurement errors of less than 1%.  Detailed calibration reports come with each system’s documentation making the CX-200plus a valuable tool that can be easily certified and accepted in your workflow.

The software provides quick access to all of the common measure tools such as:

  • Length
  • Diameter
  • Area (rectangle, circle, polygon)
  • Angles
  • Annotation

In addition, a Line Scan function (pictured at right) can be used for very detailed and precise measurements using the variation in each pixels brightness to accurately determine the true location of edges and features.

NanoStation software Metrology tools for measuring sample features with Linescan function

EDS Micro-Analysis Options

Oxford Ultim Max EDS

Oxford EDS Micro-Analysis

Ultim® Max SDD EDS with 40, 65, 100 or 170 mm² detector and AztecLive Software

More Info >>>

Oxford Ultim Max EDS

Oxford EDS Micro-Analysis

X-ACT or X-MaxN SDD EDS with 10 or 20 mm² detector and AztecOne Software

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Bruker Xflash EDS for full-size SEM

Bruker EDS Micro-Analysis

Xflash® 630N EDS with 30mm² SDD and Esprit Compact software

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EDAX Element EDS for full-size SEM

EDAX EDS Micro-Analysis

Element PV6500V SDD EDS with 25mm² detector and APEX™ Software

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Optional Accessories

STEM Detector for CX-200plus full-size SEM

STEM Detector

True retractable STEM detector plus TEM grid holder for 4 grids

More Info >>>

Cold Stage and Critical Point Dryers (CPD) for Benchtop SEM

Cold Stage

Cold Stage sample platform for the EM-30 improves imaging of moist or biological samples, -25°C to 50°C temperature range

More Info >>>

STEM Detector for SEM

Sample Exchange Airlock

Ambient and Cryo sample exchange preventing air exposure to samples

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Chamber Plasma Cleaner

Vacuum Sciences Glow Discharge system for direct chamber clean, removable for sample cleaning

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Specifications for CX-200plus SEM

    3nm (30kV, SE Image)
    8nm (3kV, SE Image)
    4nm (30kV, BSE Image)
Accelerating Voltage
    1~30kV (in 1kV steps)
    Variable - 30 / 50 / 100 / 200 micron
    Variable e-Beam Spot Size
    Secondary Electron Imaging (SE)
    Backscattered Electron Imaging (BSE)
    Scanning Transmission Electron detector (STEM) - optional
Electron Source
    Pre-centered Tungsten Filament Cartridge
    -- (supplied with 8 Wehnelt/Filament sets)
Automatic Functions
    Auto Start, Auto Focus
    Auto Contrast & Brightness
    Auto Electron Gun Alignment
Magnification (Live)
Live Focus Image Sizes
    RED: 320 x 240 (30 frames/sec)
    TV: 640 x 480 (10 frames/sec)
    SLOW: 800 x 600 (2 frames/sec)
Image Capture Sizes
    1280 x 960
    2560 x 1920
    5120 x 3840
Image Formats
Image Annotation
    2-point length
    multi-point length
    angle measurement
    diameter measurement
    area measurements
    arrow/rectangle marking
    text annotations
Stage Traverse
    Automatic 5-axis System (X, Y, Z, R, T)
    X-axis : 60mm
    Y-axis : 60mm
    Z-axis : 5~60mm
    R-axis : 360°
    Tilt-axis : -20~90°
Navigation Modes
    CCD Chamber Camera
    Sample Holder Map
    e-Beam Position Indicator
    Tilt Assist Mode
Maximum Sample Size
    160mm in Diameter or XY
    (70mm Dia Observable)
    55mm in Height
Vacuum Modes
    High Vacuum (Conductive)
    Low Vacuum (Charge Reduction) - optional
Roughing Vacuum Pump
    Rotary Vane Pump (standard)
    Diaphragm Pump (optional)
High Vacuum Pumps
    Pfeiffer HiPace Turbo Molecular Pump
Main Unit
    640(W) x 680(D) x 1500(H)mm, 200kg