CX-200plus full-size SEM with automated 5-axis XYZRT stage

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CX-200plus full-size SEM

High Resolution console style SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope)

The CX-200plus is a full-size floor model Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) that both new and experienced users will find suitable for many type of demanding research and quality control requirements.  The standard supplied configuration of the CX-200plus includes both SE and BSE imaging detectors as well as an internal chamber view camera for easy stage tilt and height adjustments. The CX-200plus offers high resolution imaging capabilities at a very attractive price. After evaluating the CX-200plus, your search for the most cost effective solution will be an easy decision.

The CX-200plus is available with numerous analytical options for EDS and WDS elemental micro-analysis; EBSD micro-structure crystalline analysis;  and CL (cathodoluminescence) internal structure analysis.  Automated analysis capabilities for features and particles are available through our EDS partners.

The CX-200plus provides a unique “Panorama” mode that allows the SEM to collect high resolution images of large samples by controlling the motorized stage at higher magnification and automatically collect large images from several to thousands of tiled images.  This capability if very useful for applications such as detailed examination or metrology of semiconductors and electronic assemblies as well as producing images that can be printed in poster or wall sizes with high definition.

Optional Analytical Detectors:
EDS and WDS Elemental Analysis – EBSD – Cathodoluminescence (CL) 

Optional Accessories:
Sample Holders – Cooling Stage – Plasma Cleaning – Anti-Vibration platform