Microscopy to the Power of “N”

What is the power of N? At COXEM, we believe it stands for an unlimited potential for discovery. Discovery facilitated by the tools, instruments, and systems that make it possible to acquire new knowledge about the physical and biological worlds. Discovery powered by COXEM

Discover what the power of N can do for you

Desktop SEM EM-30 Plus


High Resolution Desktop SEM with either Tungsten or CeB6 electron source, motorized 3-Axis XYT stage, 3nm Resolution and max 150,000X magnification. Standard with SE and BSE image detectors, Duplex Navigation. EDS and automated feature analysis options.

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CX-200plus Full-Size Scanning Electron Microscope


Advanced full-size SEM with automated 5-Axis XYZRT stage, 3nm Resolution, and max 300,000X magnification.  Standard with SE and BSE image detectors, plus Chamber View Camera. Numerous EDS options and automated feature analysis capabilities.

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Cross Section Polisher for SEM sample preparation

Cross Section Polisher

NEW CP-8000 Cross Section Polisher utilizing an Argon Ion Mill prepares samples for affordable high precision cross section analysis on difficult to section materials to produce the highest quality images possible.

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