microPREP – Sample Preparation for FIB Workflow improvement

The microPREP™ PRO system by 3D Micromac was developed to provide efficient laser sample preparation fitted to the needs of microstructure diagnostics and failure diagnostics. The traditional FIB workflow for preparing samples realizes tremendous speed improvements and lower FIB tool wear and tear by completing a roughing step prior to final FIB processing.  Therefore, with microPREP™ PRO material samples can be prepared effectively and economically by using an ultra-short pulse laser.

microPREP™ PRO allows to create complex and 3D-shaped samples to enable more comprehensive analysis of certain structures like in advanced packages, such as through silicon vias (TSVs), or even complete systems-in-package (SiP).

Furthermore, it is ideal to provide larger-sized samples with micron-level precision. The integrated overview camera assists in navigating on larger samples – the high-definition process camera allows for exact positioning.

Moreover, the application of a pico-second laser ensures virtually no structural damage and no elemental contamination of the material. In addition, microPREP™ PRO’s novel approach features substantially higher ablation rates in comparison to purely ion-beam-based processes.

The modular software design of microPREP™ ensures high flexibility for machining of samples for a broad range of microstructure diagnostics techniques. Based on machine-provided and customer-designed parameter-setups (recipes) microPREP™ PRO provides the best technology for sample preparation for:

  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM),
  • Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM),
  • X-ray Microscopy (XRM),
  • Atom-Probe Tomography (APT)
  • Micromechanics

Through ongoing development more and more areas of application are appearing on the market, in which microPREP™ PRO is able to assist in processing sample preparation for material analysis. Apart from mere preparation, samples can also be laser marked for easy tracking by microPREP™ PRO.

microPREP Pro for Laser Sample Prep FIB APT XRM