CP-8000+ Ion Mill Cross Section Polisher

The NEW CP-8000+ Ion Mill Cross Section Polisher for SEM sample preparation uses an argon ion beam to  gently remove material from a sample’s surface – literally atoms at a time.  The resulting atomic level polish simply cannot be any better.  An Ion Mill Cross Section Polisher is used AFTER the final step of mechanical polishing of harder materials or sectioning or freeze fracture of biological and other soft materials.

Typical applications include critical cross section analysis of semiconductor and electronic components such as Via’s, Solder Joints, layer bonding and de-lamination inspection and other situations where traditional mechanical grinding and polishing tends to deform or smear the softer layers in hard -to-soft interfaces.

Cross Section or Planar Ion Milling can also be used with powders to perform delicate sectioning to see the inside structure of powders in Pharmaceutical and other material science applications.

Flat Milling is used for contrast and grain structure enhancement of polished samples such as metallurgical mounts for EBSD analysis.

The CP-8000 is simple to use and much more affordable than traditional products on the market.  An internal digital microscope is used to adjust sample and mask position as well as beam alignment. The 7″ LCD touchscreen control panel allows storing multiple “recipes” for different type of sample prep.  It also makes operation simple and straightforward. Maintaining the CP-8000+ Cross Section Polisher is simple and facilitated by the user.