Sample Preparation Tools for Microscopy

Cross Section Polisher for SEM sample preparation

Ion Mill Polisher

NEW CP-8000 Cross Section Polisher utilizing an Argon Ion Mill prepares samples for critical cross section analysis

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microPrep laser micromachining

microPREP™ Pro

Laser-based Micro-Machining for Improved FIB Milling Workflow in TEM / XRM / APT sample preparation

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Coaters for Electron Microscopy Sample Preparation

Compact Sputter Coaters for Tabletop SEM

Sputter Coaters

Basic Coater for imaging Non-Conductive specimens in Scanning Electron Microscopes

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Sputter Coater DSR1

Sputter / Carbon Coaters

Advanced Sputter and Carbon Coaters with standard Tilt-Rotate and Thickness Monitoring for Non-Conductive specimens

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Thin Film Deposition Thermal Evaporation

Thin Film Deposition

Compact Thermal Evaporation Multi-Target Sputtering systems, combination Sputter and Evaporation, Pulsed Laser Deposition

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For Consumable SEM Supplies like Stubs, Adhesives, Filaments and more — visit our MICROSCOPY LINKS page.

For excellent reference materials on Electron Microscopy Sample Preparation — visit our MICROSCOPY LINKS page.  Here are some recommended books that will help guide you in your search for the best methodology: