PM100 Plasma Cleaner from Vacuum Sciences

Plasma Cleaners help SEM operators maintain a clean chamber for the highest quality imaging possible. Even with the greatest care and hygiene, an SEM chamber will eventually collect deposited organic contaminants even from the room atmosphere.  Often, samples themselves out-gas creating a contaminated environment inside the SEM chamber.  This is most noticeable as “dark rectangles” on SEM samples as the image is zoomed out or reduced in magnification.  The dark areas are carbon deposits the result from the beam dissociating organics and hydrocarbons on the sample surface.

A PM100 Plasma Cleaner can virtually eliminate this problem as well as clean the samples themselves prior to imaging.   See the Examples further down this page.  The PM100 is the only plasma cleaning system capable of running at powers as low as 1 Watt, allowing users to clean even the most delicate samples in situ prior to imaging.

The PM100 can be added to almost any SEM or vacuum chamber with an available port.  The PM100 mounts onto a KF-40 flange but other flange options are available upon request.  We will assist having an adapter flange made for your device if the OEM does not provide one for the PM100.

The PM100 Plasma Cleaner sets a new standard for plasma decontamination with a fully integrated solution – no external electronics, no bundle of cables, no clutter – just dependable cleaning for vacuum chambers such as Scanning Electron Microscopes.  Using proprietary algorithms, the PM-100 offers simple operation over a wide power range and wide vacuum level with no parameters to adjust.  Proprietary technology ensures reliable plasma ignition even at normally difficult low pressures (5-25 mTorr) and at any power.  The operator simply sets the desired cleaning power and run duration, then presses “start”.

Plasma Cleaner PM100

The PM100 Plasma Cleaner can be added to almost any SEM with a free chamber port.  Contact us to discuss your equipment type.



Application Examples for the PM100 Plasma Cleaner:

Wafer Before Plasma Cleaning

BEFORE – Dark Rectangle from prior imaging

Wafer After Plasma Cleaning

AFTER Plasma Cleaning for 20 minutes

Bond Pad SEM image before Plasma Cleaning

BEFORE – Dark Rectangle from prior imaging

Bond Pad SEM image after Plasma Cleaning

AFTER Plasma Cleaning for 20 minutes



Specifications of PM100 Plasma Cleaner:

  1. Plasma Power Range:  1 to 75 Watts
  2. Pressure Range:  10 to 100 mTorr
  3. Operating Atmosphere:   Air, O2, H2  (other gases upon request)
  4. Allowable Cleaning Operation Time:  1 second to 24 hours
  5. Mounting Adapter:  KF40  (other upon request)
  6. Processor:  32-bit 120 MHz Arm® Cortex® M4 core
  7. Control Interface:   USB
  8. Power:   24V DC / 4A max  (1A typical at 20W RF)
  9. Size:   230mm Long x 100mm x 100mm
  10. Weight:  3.4 lbs (1.6 kg)
  11. Includes:  Control Software, DC power supply, cables
  12. Custom Color Upon Request

5 Year Warranty – no need for a service contract

Installation Examples

PM-100 Plasma Cleaner on CX-200plus SEM
PM-100 Plasma Cleaner on EM-30plus Tabletop SEM