Cold Stage for EM-30 Series or CX-200plus SEM

The Cold Stage enables examination of many biological samples that ordinarily contain significant moisture with complicated critical point drying or other fixation procedures.  By freezing the sample, its internal moisture stays intact during the image process.  If moist samples are placed into the vacuum of an SEM without removing the moisture or using some type of Cryo-EM technique, the samples will often shrink or shrivel thereby inducing significant distortion and irreversible damage to the sample.

The Cold Stage is easily added or removed from the SEM stage.  An external chiller is provided as a heat removal system for the Peltier temperature controlled surface of the SEM Cold Stage.

Cold Stage for SEM


Specifications of COXEM Cold Stage for SEM:

  1. Temperature Range:  -25°C to +50°C
  2. Temperature Precision:  ±0.1°C
  3. Temperature Accuracy:  ±0.1°C
  4. Power Requirements (for Chiller):  110V
  5. Sample Holder Size:  18mm diameter
Cold Stage storage device

(Cold Stage storage when not in use)