Automated Feature and Particle Analysis

With the COXEM CX-200plus or thh EM-30AX NEXT SEM systems as a base platform, it is possible to use the SEM as a true analytical tool producing highly specific data sets for thousands of particles within a sample and reporting that data in various manners that suit the application requirements.

The CX-200plus SEM currently works with either the AZtecLive  platform and its EDS detectors from Oxford Instruments or the Bruker XFlash EDS series using ESPIRT QuantAX platform and EDS detectors from Bruker NanoAnalysis.

Adding Automated Particle and Feature Analysis software to your SEM/EDS turns it into a very powerful analytical tool for quality control testing in critical applications such as these listed here:

Cleanliness applications are probably the most wide spread application of this technology and is applied during process control checks in a variety of industries such as automotive assembly, engine assembly, computer hard drives, aerospace hydraulic and fuel systems and many others.

Automated Particle and Feature Analysis for SEM