VAIS-PB Series Active Vibration Isolation Base Platforms for SEM-FIB-TEM

The VAIS-PB Series serve as a critical anti-vibration base for Electron Microscopes and are specifically designed to provide the highest precision imaging for larger, expensive FE-SEM, SEM/FIB and TEM systems. These Active Vibration Isolation Floor Platforms (or Anti-Vibration Bases as they are often called) have the best performance of any system in its class.  Each VAIS-PB anti-vibration base is custom sized specifically for its payload or electron microscope. Each system is expertly installed and tuned to provide optimal performance now and in the future.

With standard features like Auto-Leveling, Real-Time Monitoring – you will find the VAIS-PB anti-vibration base an invaluable accessory that will significantly enhance your imaging resolution allowing you to gain the maximum capability for your microscope investment.

making Microscopy easier than ever for:

  • Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM)
  • Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopes (FE-SEM)
  • Focused Ion Beam Microscopes (FIB)
  • Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM)
  • Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopes (STEM)
  • Scanning Tunneling Microscopes (STM)
  • Ultra Precision Metrology and Profilometry
  • and other large floor mounted vibration sensitive devices

Nano-Scale Resolution Imaging

Anti-Vibration Base Installation Photos

The VAIS-PB base is designed to be placed on existing flooring but works equally well in a suspended floor lab to provide a flush-with-floor installation. The VAIS-PB Base Platform is suitable for use with all current and past models of Electron Microscopes from:

  • Cambridge
  • ISI / TopCon
  • Philips
  • Leo
  • Amray
  • CamScan

As these images demonstrate, low frequency vibrations disturb Electron Microscopes making it critical to reduce these vibrations with a VAIS-PB base platform in order to obtain nano-scale resolution images.

Passive Vibration Isolation ONLY

Without Vibration Isolation

Active Vibration Isolation ON

After Installing DVIA-MB Anti-Vibration Base



Superior Vibration Suppression

VAIS-PB is highly effective at reducing vibration in the critical 1 to 10 Hz range by delivering 90% vibration isolation at 2 Hz and 99% vibration isolation at 10 Hz where Electron Microscopes tend to be unstable and susceptible to ambient vibrations. Vibration suppression continues up to 100 Hz.

DVIA-T Vibration Suppression graph

Overcome Limitations of PASSIVE Isolation Systems

A passive isolation system normally has its natural frequency from 1.5 to 10 Hz in which vibrations with the low forced frequency coincides with the natural frequency, amplifying incoming vibrations rather than reducing them.

Our VAIS-PB series overcome this weakness by lowering the natural frequency of the system down to the sub-hertz range.  Therefore,  the VAIS-PB series is incredibly effective at controlling 1 – 5 Hz where vibration-sensitive tools tend to be unstable and disruptive and cannot yield optimal results. The VAIS-PB series starts to reduce vibrations from 0.5 Hz, delivering 80 – 90% at 2 Hz.

As this Transmissability graph shows, the active system excels in controlling vibrations in 1-10 Hz range, where the passive systems amplify the low frequency vibrations rather than filtering them. The VAIS-PB systems are highly effective in isolating ultra-precise microscopes and instruments from these low frequency vibrations where the precision instruments tend to be unstable and disrupted.


Custom Tuned for Maximum Performance

Each VAIS-PB system is expertly tuned during installation to provide optimal performance for the microscope payload it supports. The tuning can be easily updated at any time in the future by a temporary remote link to the system.

Every installation site has different vibration levels that requires tuning the VAIS-PB to suppress the vibrations as maximally possible. Our engineers measure source vibrations to adjust the feedback and feed-forward control systems effectively, which are the critical factors to control the vibrations in the 1-10 Hz range. Without tuning, Active Vibration Isolation Base Platforms cannot deliver their optimal isolation performance.    

Control Vibration in all 6 Degrees of Freedom

Inertial sensors and actuators that are installed in the active vibration isolation systems detect and control vibrations in three translational degrees of motions (X,Y and Z), and three rotational degrees of motions (pitch,roll and yaw).

Active Vibration Isolation Platforms degrees of freedom

Electron Microscope models used with the VAIS-PB Series Active Vibration Isolation Base Platform