SEM Bid Specification for Scanning Electron Microscopes

Are you with a Government Agency or Academic Institution that must acquire instrumentation using a Public or Invited Bid Process?  We have witnessed much frustration by customers trying to develop a set of bid specifications that allow them to get an adequate solution for their research while at the same time, presenting requirements that are not brand specific and rule out other suitable suppliers. At the same time, the specifications must be specific enough to help reject unsuitable low priced models.  It can be quite a challenge without a doubt to achieve that without delays from protests and other actions.

Perhaps out of desperation or lack of time, purchasers often resort to making their bid specifications a simple copy of the specifications listed on a brochure.  This can cause a lot of frustration for the buyer as the suppliers are all wise to the nuances of each others specifications and recognize what they are up against from a preference viewpoint.  Suppliers get frustrated when they see this too as they want a fair a level playing field that allows them to provide a suitable proposal while not being unfairly ruled out over some brand specific characteristic that usually has no bearing on the suitability of a proposed model. This can result in low-ball bids that the buyer then has to cipher through in detail to determine if the do truly meet the specifications listed even though it may completely satisfy the buyers need.

In the day of numerous templates and documents only as far away as a Google search, strangely it is quite difficult to find an adequate bid specification for a Scanning Electron Microscope or SEM.  To that end, we are pleased to offer you a downloadable Generic Bid Specification for SEM to utilize as a starting point for your SEM purchase process.  You are welcome to edit and modify this document to your desire.  There is no copyright implied.

Download:  Generic Bid Specification for Scanning Electron Microscopes.