Sample Preparation

Preparing Cross Sections of Difficult Materials

Great article from Microscopy Today explains tips on getting good cross sectioned samples for SEM analysis. ABSTRACT: Preparing cross sections of particulates and wires for scanning electron microscopy study without inducing mechanical damage is difficult. Embedding materials in commercially available epoxy before polishing with a broad unfocused ion beam (like CP-8000 Cross Section Ion Mill) is a [...]

Preparing Cross Sections of Difficult Materials2019-03-11T12:41:20-08:00

Resin Mounted Sample Preparation

In order to acquire the best analytical results for microstructure, metrology or micro-elemental analysis, specimens are often mounted in a resin "puck" and polished to a mirror finish.  The resin mount is often precision sectioned to expose critical areas of interest that lie within the specimen.  This process assures that a flat oxide-free layer [...]

Resin Mounted Sample Preparation2018-08-03T14:07:26-08:00