The Coxem EM-30 SEM is very simple to maintain in top working condition by the end user.  Thus, we do not push annual service contracts like most SEM suppliers but if desired by the customer, we are happy to provide a service contract.  At most, we would recommend customers to not have anything more than perhaps an Annual Preventative Maintenance contract for cleaning, aperture replacement and calibration depending on the users experience and the lab environment the SEM is used in. A full service parts contract is simply not necessary nor a frugal use of your funds for these type systems.

Our Tabletop SEM systems are designed to allow most of the regular maintenance to be performed by the customer.  This results in a low total cost of ownership.  The Maintenance Manual for this system is without a doubt, the absolute best that we have seen for any Tabletop SEM.

Should you ever anticipate a repair situation or have an issue needing attention, we first utilize over the web software tools to diagnose the system.  Often, it is a simple software setting that has somehow gotten altered.  At worst, if an electronic board is at fault, these are very easy to replace by the customer if the cost of a service visit is a concern.  The circuit boards are all rack mounted for easy replacement.  Our local representatives are also available to help. The electronics found in all of the competing technology are much, much more difficult to service and as such, is something a customer would never be capable of performing nor suggested.

The EM-30 Tabletop SEM system has a surprising amount of open space inside which makes servicing much easier.  We encourage you to have a look under the cover of any of the competing technology from Hitachi, Phenom or JEOL.  All of these systems have very difficult access to most parts which makes it impractical for any user service effort and simultaneously adds significant hours of service engineer time you would need to pay for to do some task that should be fairly simple. The Coxem EM-30 is much more friendly for service engineer part access while not making the size of the SEM significantly larger.  There is also no external power supply module like some of the other competing technology use for their systems – our total package size is actually smaller.