Our SEMs are delivered with a variety of sample mounts and accessories.  The most common and easiest to use is our quick-connect holder that allows mounting up to 7 pin stubs of 6.4mm diameter, or 3 pin stubs of 12.7mm diameter or 1 pin stub up to 32mm diameter. Visit this LINK to see options and source for standard pin stubs.

Quick Connect Sample Holder for EM-30 Plus Tabletop SEM

In addition to pin stubs, various sample holders that allow mounting of samples of different size, shape, material type or tilt requirements are available:

  • Vise Clamps
  • Metallurgical Mounts
  • Filter Holders
  • Wafer Holders

Visit Rave Scientific for a great overview of the infinite possibilities that can suite most any specific sample type or workflow.

If you currently use or have a preference for mounts and holders from other SEM stage platforms such as Hitachi M4 style mounts or JEOL style cylinder mounts, then visit the Stub Adapters webpage or our staff has in-depth experience with adapting to various SEM stage platforms,  please ask for our advice.