Element Pi takes pride in how we support our customers after the initial training and we are constantly striving to provide better resources for this.  As an example, our supplier COXEM just recently completed an entire new video production that provide customers with a reference that is easy to follow for such steps as Filament Replacement, Filament Centering, and Aperture Alignment as well as a details video showing how to operate the software.  All of these videos can be found at a PLAYLIST on our YouTube Channel.

The COXEM Operating manual is very comprehensive and easy to follow. Inside are several reference tables or rules-of-thumb to guide new users in the selection of Spot Size, What Tilt Angle is Possible and more.  There is also a section that explains in detail about the 4 Variables that we discuss extensively during training – Beam kV, Current, Spot Size and Working Distance.

Our Installation Engineer will also place a folder on your SEM PC containing over 2gb of reference information about Electron Microscopy, Sample Preparation, EDS, Consumable Bookmarks, Sample Holder Options and the actual video files also on our YouTube channel.

Lastly, there is a vast amount of reference information available at our Microscopy Links page.  And of course, our team is only a phone call or email away.  We maintain an instant web meeting capability using either TeamViewer or ZOOM so that we can quickly observe what you are seeing on your SEM PC in order to provide quick assistance.