Staring with Installation for the CX-200plus, our Element Pi staff installs the SEM and a technician from the EDS supplier typically installs the EDS.  The EDS Technician typically only does cursory software training and maintenance overview of the EDS.  Our Application Manager who does the SEM training and assists the EDS Technician will stay and provide a more in-depth EDS training with you using your applications and samples if desired.

During or after warranty, Element Pi staff would do any repairs or adjustments necessary on the SEM.  You would typically contact Element Pi first and we would make a determination how to proceed and whether any EDS service needs to involve the EDS supplier. We can also offer an Annual PM Service contract if you are interested to have us do that.  The Annual PM service includes aperture replacements, chamber cleaning, calibration adjustments and more.  We also provide a maintenance manual if you wish to do maintenance yourself – something that no other supplier would typically do.  Thus, you are not beholden to us to do general upkeep maintenance.

For the EDS during or after warranty, the EDS Supplier would perform all repairs and offer extended warranties.  A longer warranty can also be included in your initial purchase. Extended warranties for the EDS are available with or without an annual preventative maintenance service.

For “how-to” questions type support or assistance related to your applications, you would start with our Applications Manager.  We would bring in the EDS supplier if necessary to help further.  If you knew your question was purely EDS related, you can contact the EDS supplier directly if you prefer.  Both Oxford and Bruker have large support teams for customers.  They also offer an extensive collection of training courses at their facilities.

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