EMS Microscopy Academy SEM Training
EMS Microscopy Academy brochure

Element Pi, COXEM Co. Ltd. (our supplier) and Bruker Nano have partnered with Electron Microscopy Sciences for an SEM Training and Product Demonstration collaboration at the EMS Microscopy Academy located near Philadelphia at the EMS Diasum headquarters in Hatfield, PA.

COXEM and Bruker Nano have placed an EM-30N tabletop SEM with a Bruker XFlash 630 EDS at the academy lab for the purpose or providing a training opportunity for both current customers and anyone interested in learning more about tabletop SEM.  The academy’s certified faculty will be utilizing the EM-30N for some of the SEM training courses as well as EDS micro-analysis and Sample Preparation courses.

The SEM also has COXEM’s new STEM detector which can be used during TEM sample preparation courses.  While different from a standard TEM, the STEM detector is unique in providing true TEM imaging with a tabletop SEM at extremely affordable prices when compared to the cost of a dedicated TEM.  While the imaging is not as high quality as those from TEM systems costing 10 to 20 times more, the imaging provides an amazing capability for training or overflow capability of less critical imaging needs, thereby expanding the utility and cost effectiveness of the tabletop or desktop SEM.

The EM-30N will also be available for product demonstrations.  Likewise, current users of the EM-30N  can arrange private training courses with the EM Microscopy Academy which will be a tremendous advantage to new SEM users by combining training with expert sample preparation knowledge and products available from Electron Microscopy Sciences (EMS).

Interested SEM users can view the multitude of training courses available at the EMS Microscopy Academy website.

Anyone interested in Product Demonstrations or COXEM customers interested in a private training course can contact us here at Element Pi.