As result of 4 years of consistent growth after introducing the COXEM products to the USA, our company needed to grow to best address the needs of our customers.  Merging with another company in a similar arena of products was a logical and quick means to that end.  Therefore, we are happy to announce that the Coxem distribution in the USA and Canada has been acquired by JH Technologies ( of Fremont, California. This will be a positive change for all of our valued customers using the Coxem products.

JH Technologies is a distributor of numerous microscopy products including LEICA Optical Microscopes and EM Preparation, Buehler metallography preparation equipment and a host of other microscopy related products.  In addition to its headquarters in Fremont, California, JH Technologies also has regional offices in Beaverton, Oregon / Irvine, California / Nashua, New Hampshire.

Customers will still be interfacing with the Element Pi personnel via JH Technologies going forward as well as additional staff from JH Technologies filling in roles that will help address our customer’s needs in the best manner possible.

Over the coming months, product information will be migrating to the JH Technologies website ( but the Element Pi web-pages for COXEM SEM will remain active for a few more months and you can continue to request quote or product information.  You can also view product information at  Element Pi will continue offering our line of Sputter and Carbon Coaters for EM Prep and our Advanced Sputter and Thermal Evaporation thin film deposition systems for Materials Science.

If you have any questions about the implications of this acquisition on your current or planned ownership of the Coxem products, please feel free to contact us.  We look forward to your continued support and appreciate your business.