High Vacuum Sputter and Carbon Coaters for FE-SEM

Choose from Five (5) Models:

  • DST Sputter
  • DST1-L Sputter
  • DCT Carbon
  • DCT-L Carbon
  • DSCT Dual

The T-Series Desktop Coaters are high productivity tools that deliver consistent and repeatable results in the fully automated system that has an ergonomic design and compact footprint.  The T-series Desktop Coaters expand the R-Series with an added Turbo Molecular Pump (TMP) to achieve higher vacuum levels and are available in 4 models to chose from:

  • DST – dedicated Sputter Coater
  • DCT – dedicated Carbon Coater (fiber or rod)
  • DCT-L – large chamber, dedicated Carbon Coater (fiber or rod)
  • DSCT – dual purpose Sputter and Carbon Coater

The DST Sputter Coater model is a dedicated coating system which is able to coat noble metals such as gold (Au), palladium (Pd), platinum (Pt), gold/palladium (Au/Pd), and Iridium (Ir) thin films as well as oxidizing coatings such as Chrome (Cr), Tungsten (W) and others on non-conductive or poorly conductive specimens, typically for higher resolution Field Emission FE-SEM imaging and analysis. Uniform thin films with superior fine-grain sizes are formed in a fast cycle time suitable for advanced high magnification scanning electron microscopy. A special DST1-L is available that requires a 4″ (100mm) target which is custom and quite expensive for noble metals.  We also offer the DST3 which is a multi-source sputter system for more complex coating operations and alloying which can coat samples up to 6″ (150mm) diameter.

The DCT Carbon Coater model is a dedicated carbon coating system and can be configured with either a Thread or Rod carbon source.  Carbon thin films are essentially X-Ray transparent for EDS analysis and are applied to non-conductive or poorly conductive specimens, typically for advanced SEM/EDS analysis.  The DCT-L is a special model with a larger  300mm chamber for high throughput coating of multiple metallurgical mounts and thin section slides.

The DSCT combines both Sputter and Carbon coating into a modular unit for SEM sample preparation and can be configured as a sputter coater OR carbon coater (thread) with interchangeable heads in one instrument.

With a dual pumping system consisting of an external vacuum pump (included) and a directly attached TMP (turbo molecular pump), the T-Series achieves vacuum in the micro-Torr range which is a suitable vacuum range for noble metal sputter coating and advanced evaporative coating and allows fast vacuum to be achieved resulting in an adequate coating grain size for high magnification SEM analysis.  If samples will be examined using lower resolution standard SEM (tungsten source) then we recommend our R-Series Coaters which are more economical and adequate for this level of microscopy.

Standard Features

  • Two-stage, direct drive rotary vane roughing pump
  • Turbo Molecular Pump (90 L/sec Leybold)
  • Precision Mass Flow meter (MFC) for fine control of the vacuum
  • High precision quartz crystal thickness monitor
  • Intuitive touch screen to control the coating process
  • User friendly software that can be updated via network
  • Control coating rate to achieve finer grain structures
  • Manual or automatic Timed and Thickness sputtering
  • Electronically controlled shutter
  • Electronic control of gas purge and vent
  • Easy to Change 50 to 54 mm diameter sputter target (DST and DSCT)
  • Pulsed or flash carbon fiber coating modes (DCT and DSCT)
  • Carbon ROD coating head – optional (DCT)
  • Easy-to-change specimen stages (rotation stage is standard)
  • 2-year Factory Warranty

Functional Ease-of-Use Features

Touch Screen Controls 

All coaters come equipped with a 7” touch screen and fully automatic control allowing easy operation even by inexperienced users. The vacuum, current and deposition information can be observed as digital data or curves on the touch screen. Information of the last 300 coatings is also saved in the history page.

Sample Holders

All coater models can be equipped with different sample stage configurations depending on the user requirements. The standard sample stage holds up to 7 standard SEM pin stub mounts and is rotatable with adjustable height or angle.  The holders can be exchanged easily with other holders when requirements change.

The optional rotary planetary sample stage is a good choice for uniform coating of specimens with porosity or intricate 3D details where coating is needed in hard to reach features of the specimen.

Other holders are available for:

  • Glass Slides
  • Metallurgical mounts
  • Jeol and Hitachi style cylinder stubs
standard Tilt Rotate holder

Standard Tilt / Rotate Holder

Planetary Rotate Tilt stage

Optional Planetary Rotate / Tilt Holder

Pulsed Carbon Fiber Evaporation

The DCT and DSCT model coaters offer pulsed carbon fiber evaporation. Short pulses provide more controlled deposition and significantly reduces the amount of debris associated with traditional carbon deposition.  An Optional Carbon Rod coating head is available for the DCT model.

Carbon Coater Thread

Easy loading Carbon Thread

Specifications for T-Series Desktop High Vacuum Coating Systems

Target Materials Au, Pt, Au/Pd, Pt/Pd, Cu, Ag, Ir, Cr, W Carbon Au, Pt, Au/Pd, Pt/Pd, Cu, Ag, Ir, Cr, W + Carbon
Vacuum 0.5 x E-6 Torr 0.5 x E-6 Torr 0.5 x E-6 Torr
Target Size Φ50mm 0.8mm (Thread) Φ50mm
Chamber Size 170mm 170mm (300mm DCT-300) 170mm
Sputter Current 0 to 100 mA N/A 0 to 100 mA
Carbon Evaporation Current N/A 0 to 30A (fiber) 0 to 100A (rod) 0 to 30A (fiber) 0 to 100A (rod)
System Power Supply 80W DC 720W DC 800W DC
Process Gas Air or Argon Air or Argon Air or Argon
Tilt-Rotate Stage Standard Standard Standard
Planetary Tilt Rotate Stage Optional Optional Optional
Thickness Monitor Standard Standard Standard
Carbon Coating n/a Standard Standard
Input Power 110V (220V optional) 110V (220V optional) 110V (220V optional)
Coater Dimensions (mm) 500(W)x370(D)x450(H) 500(W)x370(D)x450(H) 500(W)x370(D)x450(H)
Shipping Weight 42 kg 42 kg 44 kg