The SPT-20 is a very easy to operate metal sputter coater offering the best value on the market for an automated coater.  It is used for metal sputtering of multiple types of metal to improve imaging resolution, sample conductivity, electron charge reduction and reduce beam damage to sensitive samples.

The SPT-20 coater is designed for essentially flat specimens as it does not have a tilt-rotate function commonly used for 3 dimensional samples like insects and fabricated parts.  For 3 dimensional samples that need a coated “ground path”, a more advanced sputter coater is recommended such as the desktop DSR.

The SPT-20 coater integrates an LCD touch-screen user interface for operation. The external vacuum pump (included) allows fast vacuum to be achieved as resulting in an adequate coated grain size for most standard SEM analysis.

  • LCD control Panel – save multiple settings and coating recipes
  • Fast and Easy Coating: Press Start -> Automatic Vacuum -> Plasma Coating -> Vent
  • Coating Time is user settable and displayed on LCD
  • Minimal Installation Space for coater
  • External Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump included
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Target Materials Au, Pt, Pd, Cu, Ag Au, Pt, Au/Pd, Pt/Pd, Cu, Ag
Target Size Φ50mm Φ50mm
Chamber Size 100mm 170mm
Ionization Power 0 to 9 mA 0 to 50 mA up to 80W DC
Process Gas Air Air or Argon
Tilt-Rotate Stage N/A Standard
Thickness Monitor N/A Standard
Carbon Coating N/A Optional
Coater Dimensions (mm) 420(W)x220(D)x230(H) 500(W)x370(D)x450(H)
Shipping Weight 10 kg (coater) + 14 kg (pump) 42 kg