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SEM-EDS Contract Sample Analysis

Element Pi is now offering SEM Analysis on a contract basis for customers needing extra SEM capacity or that do not yet own an SEM. The Element Pi demonstration lab houses 2 new SEM-EDS systems available for contracted analytical service work at very affordable rates.  The acquisition and ownership cost of an SEM or SEM/EDS system can be a challenge to justify for some researchers or manufacturers but the information provided is valuable [...]

XEM – Electron Microscopy at 64,000,000X

New method enables imaging at sub-atomic resolution to visualize the atomic structure of electrons and nuclei. Before getting overly excited, you are encouraged to read the Disclaimer at the end of this article. Fig. 1 - Silicone Atom with atomic radius of 150 picometers XEM for Ultra-eXtreme Magnification Electron Microscopy After a collaborative effort with the JSM Institute¹ of Eindhoven, Netherlands to develop XEM, it [...]

Gift a $500 Supplies Credit by providing your Referral

Know a colleague or another company that is searching for a new SEM solution?  Provide them a gift of $500 credit for Consumable Supplies at Rave Scientific or your favorite microscopy consumable supplier just by suggesting they investigate the SEM products at Element Pi.  If they contact us and mention they were referred by you, then we will provide them with the credit voucher as a gift in your honor.  It's that simple. [...]

Pi Day 2018 Contest

Active Vibration Isolation Platforms Tabletop SEM Full-Size SEM 1st Annual Pi Day Contest Have some fun and help support the MSA Student Council or your local MSA Chapter. The first persons to correctly answer any of the trivia questions below and follow the rules will win. There is also a drawing for several prize for all entrants. WINNERS will be announced on our social media pages:   [...]

Simple Lease Financing for Tabletop SEM

We have partnered with Crest Capital to offer our customers a variety of simple Leasing Options to help with their acquisition of new equipment.  Crest Capital makes the financing process very simple.  Read more about these lease options and get a fast no-obligation no-hassle estimate of your monthly payment from our LEASE OPTIONS page.