element Pi has partnered with Crest Capital to offer our customers a variety of Finance Options.

Financing can be custom tailored to suit just about any need you might have including Down Payments to lower monthly payments, Quarterly Payments, No Payments for 90-120 days, Purchase Upon Termination (PUT lease) and more.  Crest Capital makes it easy to acquire the system you need today rather waiting for capital approvals.


  • Once you have a budgetary figure or quotation from us, simply complete the form at the right.
  • You will be instantly emailed a table of standard monthly lease payments.
  • There is no obligation, no pressure to pursue financing or a lease.
  • If you wish to proceed or want to discuss other arrangements like a down-payment, simply contact Crest Capital directly from the email received to start the easy application process.
  • You can also use the Finance Application Form link in the lower right side of box to the right.

Overcome Budget Limitations of Your Business Growth.

When budget dollars aren’t available, equipment purchases are put on hold, stifling the progress of the company. Financing equipment enables you to grow and become more profitable. In fact, the only people who benefit from a company not investing in new equipment are your competitors.

When your company needs any type of equipment, we’re happy to help you attain a no-hassle equipment lease or equipment financing agreement. Plus, this process requires minimal paperwork and provides fast approvals (just one quick and easy application up to $250K – no need for tax returns or financial statements for most customers).

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Advantages of financing

  • Keep more of your cash in house for working capital
  • Greater flexibility / fewer restrictions than typical bank loan
  • Tax Advantages (especially the Section 179 deduction)