Upcoming Events and Exhibitions

August 4-8, 2019 M&M Microscopy Society of America Portland, OR
August 2-6, 2020 M&M Microscopy Society of America Milwaukee, WI

Note: At most events, our booth will be listed as COXEM Co. Ltd. and/or DAEIL SYSTEMS in the show directory

$500 Supplies Credit with Each Purchase

For all orders from 12/1/18 until 4/1/19, receive a $500 Credit for Consumable Supplies at Rave Scientific.  This credit can be used to acquire additional items for you new SEM such as an additional box of 10 filaments, calibration standards, additional sample stubs, sample holders and more. Each SEM comes standard with a comprehensive starter kit including 8 pre-centered filament + wehnelt cartridges as well as various sample stubs, carbon tape, silver paint, [...]

Resin Mounted Sample Preparation

In order to acquire the best analytical results for microstructure, metrology or micro-elemental analysis, specimens are often mounted in a resin "puck" and polished to a mirror finish.  The resin mount is often precision sectioned to expose critical areas of interest that lie within the specimen.  This process assures that a flat oxide-free layer is exposed for accurate imaging and chemical analysis. Specimen types suitable for resin mounting include: Metals (for inclusion and grain [...]

SEM Buying Guide – 10 Points to Consider when Evaluating a new SEM

Our SEM Buying Guide article provides advice on the most important topics to consider when evaluating SEM systems so that you can determine what factors are truly important for your workflow. The market for tabletop and full-size Scanning Electron Microscopes has increased considerably as they have become more powerful and easier to use especially for new users. For a prospective buyer, the landscape of current offerings can be difficult to ascertain what features [...]

Generic Bid Specification for SEM

Are you with a Government Agency or Academic Institution that must acquire instrumentation using a Public or Invited Bid Process?  We have witnessed much frustration by customers trying to develop a set of bid specifications that allow them to get an adequate solution for their research while at the same time, presenting requirements that are not brand specific and rule out other suitable suppliers. At the same time, the specifications must be specific [...]

Korean DIY SEM Competition

For the third year, COXEM Co., Ltd. has sponsored the DIY SEM competition that takes place among students at the Korean Institute of Microscopy.  The competition is also sponsored by the Korean Society for Electron Microscopy.  Coxem's CEO, Dr. Jun Hee Lee participates with the students as a mentor and is often intrigued by the interesting concepts developed by the students. In the competition, students design and build their own Scanning Electron Microscopes.  Students [...]

Simple Lease Financing for Tabletop SEM

We have partnered with Crest Capital to offer our customers a variety of simple Leasing Options to help with their acquisition of new equipment.  Crest Capital makes the financing process very simple.  Read more about these lease options and get a fast no-obligation no-hassle estimate of your monthly payment from our LEASE OPTIONS page.