About Us

element Pi, LLC is the distributor for COXEM Co, Ltd. of  South Korea supporting customers in both North and South America with a main office and product demonstration lab located near Portland, Oregon. We distribute the COXEM Series of Tabletop and Full-Size SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopes) along with a variety of accessories from other suppliers such as full line of Vacuum Coaters (Sputter, Carbon, Thermal Evaporation), an Ion Mill Polisher, a Laser Micro-Machining system for FIB Workflows, a Plasma Cleaners, Vibration Isolation solutions, microscopy software and more.

Our sales office and demonstration lab is located in Beaverton, Oregon.  We invite you to visit us and spend a day or two evaluating our microscopes and other microscopy tools like Sputter Coaters, Thermal Evaporators, Ion Mill, Plasma Cleaner and more.  We provide you some nice incentives in the “Our Location” tab below. We routinely demonstrate the SEM systems via internet web/video conference. The HD video web cam in our lab is remote controlled providing you an experience that is almost like being in front of the microscope.  This provides a very  time and cost efficient for all involved.

So why Pi you might wonder?  Pi is the most recognized mathematical constant and often considered the most intriguing and important number in all of mathematics.  So in the spirit of Pi, we offer products that will continue to intrigue you as new developments are reached and our goal is to make our products become an important asset to your research.  However, while Pi is an irrational number like its cousins “e” and “√2” that like to go on forever, we will offer nothing but rational explanations and advice when it comes to selecting the best product solution.  Through your use of our products, we promise that “Pi” will equate to “Precision Imaging” that you can count on.

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