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element Pi, LLC is the distributor for COXEM Co, Ltd. of  South Korea supporting customers in both North and South America with a main office and product demonstration lab located near Portland, Oregon. We distribute the COXEM Series of Tabletop and Full-Size SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopes) along with a variety of accessories from other suppliers such as full line of Vacuum Coaters (Sputter, Carbon, Thermal Evaporation), an Ion Mill Polisher, a Laser Micro-Machining system for FIB Workflows, a Plasma Cleaners, Vibration Isolation solutions, microscopy software and more.

Our sales office and demonstration lab is located in Beaverton, Oregon.  We invite you to visit us and spend a day or two evaluating our microscopes and other microscopy tools like Sputter Coaters, Thermal Evaporators, Ion Mill, Plasma Cleaner and more.  We provide you some nice incentives in the “Our Location” tab below. We routinely demonstrate the SEM systems via internet web/video conference. The HD video web cam in our lab is remote controlled providing you an experience that is almost like being in front of the microscope.  This provides a very  time and cost efficient for all involved.

So why Pi you might wonder?  Pi is the most recognized mathematical constant and often considered the most intriguing and important number in all of mathematics.  So in the spirit of Pi, we offer products that will continue to intrigue you as new developments are reached and our goal is to make our products become an important asset to your research.  However, while Pi is an irrational number like its cousins “e” and “√2” that like to go on forever, we will offer nothing but rational explanations and advice when it comes to selecting the best product solution.  Through your use of our products, we promise that “Pi” will equate to “Precision Imaging” that you can count on.

Please have a look at more of the Pi FACTS info below.

Our sales office and demonstration lab is located in Beaverton, Oregon.

Maybe you will want to plan your visit combined with a weekend or take a few days vacation and make your visit a working vacation.  There is so much to see and do in the Pacific Northwest region:

  • The Columbia Gorge and Hood River is world renowned as a destination for wind surfing, kite boarding and paddle boarding.
  • Great beaches and quaint coastal towns like Cannon Beach are only 1.5 hour drive away.  See Haystack Rock or the hike down to secluded Sand Beach through old growth forest is truly amazing.
  • Touring the Willamette Valley or Washing wine country.
  • Mt. Hood – year round snow skiing on the Palmer Glacier.
  • Mt. St. Helens is about hours drive away 1.5
  • King Salmon, Steelhead and Halibut fishing with a guide and outfitter in the amazing Columbia River from mid-Summer to the following late Spring.
  • Bring your clubs as there are numerous great golf courses all through the region.

Check out the Portland area travel guide for the long list of activities possible here.

On a more serious note though, it would be our pleasure to host you for a visit to evaluate our remarkable microscopes.   We are often asked to conduct demonstrations at customers labs.  While this is feasible to a degree, it is quite expensive and time consuming.  When this style SEM only had 30,000X magnification capability, it was much more practical.  Now with resolutions approaching those of full-size systems, it is not practical to show that in a short 1 hour on-site demonstration.  Even at Exhibitions, pushing the limits of a microscope isn’t practical in such a loud and vibration prone surrounding.  Be very suspicious of anyone telling you otherwise.  If that is still your requirement, please let us know your justification and we will happily work something out to satisfy your evaluation requirements.

Check out the “Getting Here” tab to see how to find us and recommended airports and hotels to make planning your trip as easy as possible.  We are also happy to provide you with our “local” knowledge if you want to plan a vacation or want our perspective about any activities in the area.

Here are a few videos to help encourage you to pay us a visit:

Oregon Beaches (just a 90 minute drive west of our office):

Willamette Valley Wine Country:

Columbia River Fishing:

We currently have 5 representatives with over 50 years experience in Electron Microscopy strategically located to support customers as shown on the map below.  Please Contact Us and we will connect you with your local representative as necessary or you can reach them directly using the phone extension shown via our company number: 833-314-1593 (833-Pi).


Excuse us for bragging but the PDX airport has been voted America’s favorite airport 5 years in a row.  Is it the Airport or just the fact that you’re coming to such a great place with so much to see and do?  But the airport here is actually quite nice and our Light Rail (MAX) boards literally just 100 yards from baggage claim for easy access downtown or to Beaverton only 10 minutes drive from our office.  There are also dedicated UBER and LYFT attendants and pickup lanes which is very popular here.

We have direct flights from most major US cities on all of the major airlines.  If you fly here on a clear day, be sure to grab a window seat as the last 25 miles approach is amazing flying between Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens right over the Columbia Gorge.  If you want to make a quick trip and avoid an extra night, there are numerous red-eye flights leaving around midnight to eastern destinations like New York, DC, Atlanta, Dallas, and Chicago.

From the airport, if you decide not to rent a car (which truly isn’t necessary), there is the MAX Light Rail just outside the baggage claim area.  Take the Red or Blue line for $2,50 and stay at one of the popular downtown hotels or continue on the the Sunset Transit Center in Beaverton where you can catch a short Uber/Lyft to your hotel or our office.  We are also happy to come pick you up.


If you plan to stay a few days and enjoy the area, the downtown hotels are a great choice and very convenient – no car needed.  We would be glad to give you some recommendations.  Close to our office, here are some recommended hotels:

  • Embassy Suites – Tigard
  • Hilton Double Tree – Tigard
  • Marriott Courtyard near Washington Square Mall
  • Marriott Townplace Suites – Beaverton
  • Holiday Inn Express (coming soon – very close)

Suppliers we distribute or represent:

COXEM Co. Ltd. – Daejeon, South Korea

See next tab for details

3D MicroMac – Chemnitz, Germany

Specializing in a variety of precision tooling using laser technology, 3D MicroMac provides advanced solutions for 3D Metal Printing and Laser Machining.  Their microPREP™ system addresses a unique niche within the microscopy field where the abilities of laser machining can solve certain issues revolving around sample preparation.  Element Pi represents the microPREP product in most of the USA withthe exception of the northeastern state which is supported by Rave Scientific.

Vacuum Sciences – Sheridan, Wyoming

Vacuum Sciences, LLC (VacSci) has a mission to develop better and faster technology products that serve gaps in the market and greatly increase productivity, always with an eye towards affordability.  Together the company principals have many decades of experience in plasmas, power electronics, thin films, materials characterization/analysis, and vacuum technology- staff personnel have previously experience at Bell Labs, Corning Research, Qualcomm, Advanced Energy, HP, and others.

VacSci began in 2016 with a focus on developing proprietary plasma-based devices.  After years of extensive R&D, the first VacSci product, the PM100 Plasma Decontamination/Cleaning System, was introduced at the end of 2019.  The VacSci product pipeline will be expanding to provide high-performance solutions to technologists that address technical needs for electron microscopy and vacuum technology.

Element Pi serves the after-market need for Plasma Cleaners for existing Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM) and Focused Ion Beam (FIB) milling systems, some of which have older or undependable systems provided with the original equipment.

VacTechniche – Hastings, United Kingdom

Based in the United Kingdom, VacTechniche designs and assembles the vacuum coaters sold under the Element Pi brand.

[pronounced “KO – SIM”]

As a result of technology licensing from a 10 year project that began in 1996 at the KRISS (Korean Research Institute for Standards and Science), COXEM Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 in Daejeon, Korea to offer Scanning Electron Microscopes.  Initially, COXEM focused specifically on electron microscopy in the Asian market and had delivered approximately 500 SEM systems through 2017.  In 2017, Coxem began expanding to the worldwide market and now has distributors throughout the world with successful and experienced distributors especially in the UK, Italy, Germany, France, Scandinavia as well as here in the USA.  By partnering with element Pi, the COXEM SEM products have now been brought to North America in a more focused effort.  In 2019, element Pi began supporting dealers in Central and South America.

COXEM’s flagship products are currently the EM-30 Next Tabletop SEM and CX-200plus SEM.  Coxem has numerous exciting new products on the horizon including a new economical Cross Section Ion Beam Polisher for sample preparation and a new dedicated Automated Particle Analyzer, SELPA.  A novel STEM detector was made available to customers in early 2019 that delivers amazing quality TEM imaging in the tabletop EM-30 series and CX-200plus.  The STEM detector will provide both bright and dark field imaging capabilities for up to 4 TEM grids using the 1 to 30kV beam energy available on the EM-30 or CX-200 series.  This STEM detector promises to deliver industry and academia an economical solution for basic TEM analysis of tissue specimens, nano-particles and semiconductors. In addition, on-going integration work with EDS manufacturers is ongoing to allow more advanced automated micro-analysis capabilities.  Other ongoing developments include several new SEM solutions to complement existing products that will be released over the next 2 years such as Cathodoluminescence and an affordable tabletop Field Emission SEM (FE-SEM) with 1nm resolution and wide range e-Beam Accelerating Voltages.  These new products promise to revolutionize the capabilities of entry to mid-level SEM analysis at affordable costs.  With on-going investments in research and product development, COXEM is the fastest growing supplier of Scanning Electron Microscopes in the scientific market

Please enjoy the video below to learn what drives COXEM to offer some of the best products available in electron microscopy:

Be watching for details about our annual Pi day special on March 14.

  • Have you noticed our toll free phone number?  It is Pi rounded to 6 decimal places – 833-3141593
  • In the first million decimal places of Pi, there are 100,000 occurrences (±500) of each number digit (0-9) showing just what a random and special number it is.
  • The first 144 digits of Pi sum to “666”.
  • In the 1967 Star Trek episode “Wolf in the Fold”, Spock defeats the evil computer by commanding it to compute the last digit of Pi.
  • Albert Einstein was born on Pi day – March 14, 1879.
  • The ancient Babylonians knew of Pi‘s existence nearly 4,000 years ago. A Babylonian tablet from between 1900 B.C. and 1680 B.C. calculates Pi as 3.125
  • Pi or 314 written in block letters has a mirror image of PIE
  • A Givenchy men’s cologne named Pi is marketed as highlighting the sexual appeal of intelligent and visionary men.  OK, whatever…

  • During the O.J. Simpson trial, there were arguments between defense attorney Robert Blasier and an FBI agent about the actual value of Pi, seemingly to reveal flaws in the FBI agent’s intellectual acumen.
  • The record for the most digits of Pi memorized belongs to Rajveer Meena of Vellore, India, who recited 70,000 decimal places of Pi on March 21, 2015, according to Guinness World Records.   What a waste of brain cells, right?
  • Considered the “most beautiful equation in math” (is that really possible?) is a formula involving Pi and several other unique numbers such as “e” (Euler’s number), “i” the imaginary constant of the square root of -1.  The formula is known as Euler’s Identity which is .
  • The first six digits of Pi (314159) appear in order six times among the first ten million decimals of Pi.
  • Pi Music set to the tune of several popular songs like American Pie, Jenny (867-5309) and from the Nutcracker ballet:


  • And lastly for our favorite type of PIE – the VOLUME of that favorite Italian Pi dish so popular in New York and Chicago: